Epigenetics, Ancestors & Revolutionary Self Care




"The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." - Albert Einstein

What if we could not only influence our personal health (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) for the better through self-care and vibrational healing techniques, but also that of our future descendants AND our ancestors?

Well, we can... and in this series we will practice doing just that!

Are you ready for deep healing and transformation? 

If you are you ready to:

  • delve deeper into the science of epigenetics and quantum healing
  • maximize your healing potential by working with current astrology 
  • learn more about how to shift your genetic expression for optimal health
  • use simple and effective healing techniques for self care

Download the recorded video series on Epigenetics, Ancestors & Revolutionary Self Care!  

Thousands of Years of Evolution Leading up to This....

We are living in a unique moment in the history of our species and of our planet. Since even before the U.S. presidential election in November 2016, many empathic and creative people have been struggling to maintain our former levels of energy, health, optimism and well-being.

Symptoms we've been repeatedly hearing about from clients include:

  • Physical: Feeling fatigued and run down, lack of rejuvenating sleep, persistent colds or other low-level infections, digestive problems
  • Mental: Confusion, 'brain fog', unable to focus or concentrate
  • Emotional: Sudden onset of depression, feelings of hopelessness, deep sadness, rage, or apathy
  • Spiritual: Unable to align actions with beliefs, former spiritual practice seems empty or unfulfilling, self-doubt, questioning life's purpose and meaning

The Creative Age or New Renaissance 

Visionaries and mystics from many different traditions have proposed that 2015 marked the beginning of a new world age. In this new period (which coincides with the Age of Aquarius for you astrologically-savvy folks) it has been foretold that the world will experience such phenomena as:

  • The end of patriarchal systems of domination and oppression and the return of the Divine Feminine
  • Societies structured around shared values and resources
  • Respect for Mother Earth, the environment, and our plant and animal relations
  • Key values of this age will include creativity, sharing, gender and racial equality, open source information vs. privatization for profit

So Why Does it Feel Like We're Going Backward Instead of Evolving?

Ancient shamanic cultures (such as the Toltec) and contemporary mystics alike have framed our species' evolution as the story of an invisible network of entities that invaded Earth long ago with the agenda of using humans as a sustainable energy source. We have reached a turning point in this eons-long battle where the balance of power is shifting and the forces of good are on the verge of gaining the advantage. 

So the forces of negativity are doing what they always do when their backs are against the wall: they're grasping on to their waning power and they're fighting with every weapon in their arsenal to keep us feeling oppressed, confused, ashamed, afraid, weak, sick, and powerless. This battle tempts us to give in to anger, fear, despair and hopelessness. The time is now to shift the resonance and clear patterning that keeps us stuck and susceptible. 

Shamanism and Science: The Revolutionary Duo!

Many of us alive today came to Earth not just for our own personal experience, but with the intention of clearing our family and ancestral karma. 

The science of epigenetics has revealed that lived experience is passed through genes without altering DNA, by changing genetic expression. Through our lifestyle, shamanic and other vibrational healing techniques, we can turn off gene expressions associated with disease states and turn ON gene expression allowing for greater health, power, joy, bliss, creativity and wellbeing.

Many of the techniques that have been scientifically proven to accomplish this are actually quite simple and take very little time to do on a daily basis.

Futhermore, when we clear trauma and other psychological/emotional wound patterns, we actually clear generational patterning in both directions (past and future generations). 

Join Us In Re-Empowering Ourselves and Honoring the Human Spirit!

In this series, DK and Diana will teach you techniques to help you: 

  • Practice self care to optimize your genetic expression and health
  • Work with the current astrology that invites deep ancestral healing 
  • Clear invasive and unwanted patterns in your lineage
  • Shift your resonance for greater resilience against negativity
  • Resolve personal and ancestral trauma
  • Call on helpful ancestors for support
  • Change your genetic expression to improve your health and reduce disease risk
  • Take part in the healing revolution on the planet at this time

DK Brainard is a consulting astrologer, teacher and Life Coach. His workshops and speaking engagements focus on activating people’s creativity to bring more joy and meaning into life and work. He is a long-time meditator who has trained extensively in hypnotherapy and other mindfulness techniques. “Including,” he says, “being the father of two irrepressible children.” More information at

Dr. Diana Quinn is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor specializing in psychoneuroimmunology, endocrinology and mind/body medicine. A modern mystic and shamanic practitioner, she has a passion for bridging science and spirituality. She has a clinical practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan and offers teleconsultation and web-based education internationally. More information at